Extra Practice for Struggling Readers Complete Set

Extra Practice for Struggling Readers Complete Set

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Grade: 3-6

When successful readers encounter unfamiliar words, they utilize strategies—for example, identifying word parts such as syllables and suffixes—to help them figure out pronunciation and meaning. These resources offers dozens of practice pages that give older struggling readers multiple opportunities to review and apply these word-study skills, recognize common spelling patterns, and boost their word recognition and vocabulary development. With repeated practice, students become more fluent readers. Reproducible, 80 pages each.

Common Core standards covered:

Phonics - CCRA.L.4, RF.3.3c, RF.4.3a, RF.5.3a

High-Frequency Words - CCRA.L.4,6, RF.3.3d, L.3.5a,6, L.4-6.4a,6

Word Study - CCRA.L.4, RF.3.3a,3b,3d,4c, L.3.4a-4c, RL.4.4, RF.4.3a,4c, L.4.4a,4b, RL.5.4, RF.5.3a,4c, L.5.4a,4b, RI.6.4, L.6.4a,4b