Field Trips English/Spanish Book Set of 5

Field Trips English/Spanish Book Set of 5

National School Products


Grades: PreK-1

This series spotlights some common and not-so-common field trip destinations that
pre-kindergarten through first-grade students visit. In addition to learning what to
expect to see and do at each destination, children are introduced to the workers
they will meet, as well as learn important vocabulary for items associated with each
experience. Not only are these books great preparation for taking a field trip, but
each is a field trip in itself. Accelerated Reader® titles, English RL: 1.5-2.7; Spanish
RL: 2.6-3.9. Paperback, 24 pages each.

Please note: This is now a set of 4 books. Landfill and Nature Museum are no longer available.