Get Connected/Digital Literacy Eng PPBK Set

Get Connected/Digital Literacy Eng PPBK Set

National School Products

SKU: CBT-0342

Grades: 3 - 8
Young readers will gain an understanding of computers, networks, programs and applications, and coding—21st century knowledge that no student will be able to do without. This important series starts with the basics of how computers operate, online safety, and how technology is used beyond school. Then it lays the groundwork for programming and computational thinking. “True Story” features give real-world anecdotes from the world of information technology. “Computer Hero” features look at the groundbreaking scientists that paved the way for digital technology today. “Stretch Yourself” boxes provide practical projects and tasks, which are not linked to specific software or operating systems, to help students put into practice what they have just learned. Students will gain a better understanding about the science behind computers, what defines a computer, and the ever-changing nature of technology. Projects and tasks
also link learning to other areas of the curriculum, including science, math, and literacy. Includes full-color images and illustrations, sources for further reading, suggesting websites, and a glossary and index.

Guided reading levels: T-V. Lexile levels: 960L-1070L.

Set of 8 Paperback books, 32 pages each.