Go Green Library

Go Green Library

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Includes both libraries: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Protect Our Planet. $239.88 value.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
This series explores ways students can reduce waste by reusing & recycling materials. The books begin by introducing where each material comes from, how it is made and used, and whether it is renewable or nonrenewable. Students explore the harmful effects of waste and how each person’s actions can help reduce waste. The books include vivid photographs, clear design, & a fun classroom activity. Accelerated Reader® titles, RL: 3.8-4.6. Guided reading level: M.

Set of 7 books, Reinforced library binding, 32 pages each.

Protect Our Planet Library
Why are many animals in danger? What is a habitat? How can we protect wildlife? People are doing things that are putting our planet in danger. Discover what they are doing & how other people are trying to make things better. Topics discussed include global warming, deforestation, endangered wildlife, and water & air pollution. Accelerated Reader® titles, RL: 3.8-4.4. GRL: P.

Set of 5 books, Reinforced library binding, 32 pages each.

Common Core standards covered:
RI, RF, L.1-3.4-6