Got Math! Set

Got Math! Set

National School Products

SKU: RKP-7826

Grade: 3-5

Got Math! books put the fun in function with exciting twists on solving equations and real-world applications. Includes online resources, practice problems, and engaging illustrations that enhance readers’ understanding of each concept.

Set of 18 paperbacks, 32 pages each.

Includes:               Title / Lexile Level

  • Dandy Decimals 800L
  • Dazzling Decimals 820L
  • Dive into Division 820L
  • Dynamic Denominators 790L
  • Edgy Equations 740L
  • Fraction Action 660L
  • Funky Fractions 770L
  • Galactic Geometry 710L
  • Glorious Geometry 790L
  • Groovy Graphing 760L
  • Magical Mathematical Properties 710L
  • Marvelous Measurement 720L
  • Multiplication Master 660L
  • Multiplication Meltdown 730L
  • Positive and Negative Numbers, Oh My! 890L
  • Powerful Place Value 710L
  • Scrumptious Statistics 830L
  • Time Travel 800L