Guided Highlighted Reading Book

Guided Highlighted Reading Book


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A Close-Reading Strategy
for Navigating Complex Text

Guided Highlighted Reading is a go-to resource for teachers to help students navigate complex texts and meet the rigorous requirements of the Common Core State Standards. Teachers learn an easy and effective text-based strategy that scaffolds all students to return to a complex or difficult text for four different close-reading purposes for any content area:

• Reading comprehension
• Author’s craft
• Tier II vocabulary acquisition
• Answering multiple-choice questions on high-stakes assessments

Sample passages from the text exemplars identified in ELA Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards are prepared for student use for all purposes, along with how-to directions; multiple-choice response questions; prompts for vocabulary, summary, and craft; rubrics for assessing mastery of reading comprehension and author’s craft; and an alignment of the four purposes to the Common Core State Standards.

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.R.1-6, CCRA.L.4-6