Healing and Medicine Library Bound Book

Healing and Medicine Library Bound Book


SKU: PWB-1040

Grades: 3 - 6

A story, a problem, a list of possible solutions, and - Eureka! You have it! Become an inventor, and test your creative skills with an experiment or make-and-do construction.

Jenner's vaccine helps wipe out smallpox forever, Lister's discovery of antiseptic knocks germs on the head once and for all, and the invention of pacemakers sets many worn-out hearts beating again. Find out how these discoveries came into being, then put on your mad scientist's mask and make a fundy stethoscope, a mechanical heart, a pair of snapping jasw, and a gruesome array of vile viruses and beastly bacteria.

Your students can explore ten different inventions and step-by-step instructions allow them to construct the invention or experiment.

Library bound, 48 pages.