Hidden Life Library Bound Book Set

Hidden Life Library Bound Book Set

National School Products


Grade: 4-6

Explore the secret world of microscopic organisms that are too small for the eye to see but live alongside, or even inside, humans! In this series, the reader is taken on an amazing journey to see what life’s like at a microscopic size. Readers learn about the conditions found in the environment that make it especially suitable for these organisms. They also discover the effect, whether harmful or beneficial, that these organisms have on us. Accelerated Reader® titles. Lexile level: IG970L. 

Titles include:
• What’s Living in Your Backyard?
• What’s Living in Your Bedroom?
• What’s Living in Your Classroom?
• What’s Living in Your Kitchen?
• What’s Living Inside Your Body?
• What’s Living on Your Body?

Set of 6 reinforced library bound books, 32 pages each.