Hot Dots Language Arts Review Cards Set Grades 1-5 + 10 Pens

Hot Dots Language Arts Review Cards Set Grades 1-5 + 10 Pens

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These standards-based question cards are perfect for reinforcing the language skills that students need to master at grade levels one through five, or for remediation in the higher grades. Use alone as flashcards, or with the Hot Dots Talking Pen for independent, interactive learning fun. Cards measure 5 in. x 5 in.

This set:
• Encourages students to work independently

• Supports differentiation as you match skill–based cards to student needs

• Provides immediate positive auditory and visual feedback through the pen’s lights and sound effects

• Helps students become familiar with multiple–choice questions

Set includes:
• 3,000 self-correcting questions in standardized test format (600 each of grades 1-5)

• 250 important skill categories aligned to the standards (25 each of grades 1-5)

• Reproducible student progress sheets

• Answer keys and teacher guides

• Storage boxes with skill-area divider tabs

• 10 Hot Dots Pens

Common Core standards covered:
RL.1.1-3; RF.1.2-3; L.1.1; RL.2.1-3; L.2.1,4; RL.3.2,4; RF.3.3; L.3.1-2,4; RL.4.1-6; RF.4.3; L.4.1-2; RL.5.3-4; RF.5.3-5; L.5.1-2,4