Incredible Creatures Spanish & English Set

Incredible Creatures Spanish & English Set

National School Products


Grades: Grades: 6-10

This series focuses on a variety of weird and wonderful creatures from each animal group and how they have adapted to their environments. Basic characteristics and behaviors are explored, including feeding and hunting habits, and then some of the most amazing animals are highlighted. Gripping real-life animal stories illustrate how animals are in danger from human activities. Spanish titles include: Anfibios increíbles, Arácnidos increíbles, Aves increíbles, Insectos increíbles, Mamiferos increíbles, Moluscos increíbles, Peces increíbles, and Reptiles increíbles. English titles include: Incredible Amphibians, Incredible Arachnids, Incredible Birds, Incredible Mollusks, Incredible Fish, Incredible Insects, and Incredible Reptiles.

Accelerated Reader® titles, Spanish RL: 5.3-5.9 and English RL: 5.4-5.9. Guided reading level, Spanish: W and English: U-W. Library bound, 56 pages each. Set of 15 books.