Inference Game Blue Level

Inference Game Blue Level



Reading Level: 3.5-5.0

Starting in elementary school, players work their way around the board through middle school, high school and college. Each time a player lands on a test space, he or she answers a story card with a leveled passage and a question that asks them to infer something from the text. The first player to make it all the way around to the finish earns a diploma! 

Covers the following aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy: Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis. 

  • • Compact size saves space on the shelf and in the classroom
  • • High-interest graphics and content
  • • Short passages allow time for full comprehension and the chance to read a variety of topics
  • • Winning is based on knowledge and skills, not random factors
  • • Games address important content, not trivia
• Directions are easy to understand, so as not to restrict learning opportunities.
• Players never lose points for wrong answers.


Warning: Choking Hazard, not for under 3 years.