Journey Into Space Library Bound Book

Journey Into Space Library Bound Book


SKU: PWB-1042

Grades: 3 - 6

A story, a problem, a list of possible solutions, and - Eureka! You have it! Become an inventor, and test your creative skills with an experiment or make-and-do construction.

See the space race gathering momentum as the Apollo program counts down to liftoff. Artificial satellites Sputnik and Vostok are sent out to explore, the first 3-stage rocket takes off, a lunar rover with wheels made from piano wire is let loose on the moon, and the Mariner probe sends back the first-ever photos of Mars' strawberry sunsets. Find out about the stars and planets, then be a space engineer and construct an astor helmet, a star-gazy telescope, a 3-stage rocket, and a moon mobile.

Your students can explore ten different inventions and step-by-step instructions allow them to construct the invention or experiment.

Library bound, 48 pages.