Lap Books Set 1 Spanish and English

Lap Books Set 1 Spanish and English

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Please note: Dirt / Tierra and Plant Foods / Plantas que alimentan are out of print and have been removed from the set.

This book series will help develop vocabulary in the content areas. These nonfiction lap-size big books feature engaging nonfiction text and supporting photographs. They are aligned to English Language Arts Standards, English as a Second Language Standards, and National Science Standards.

“Lap books” are lap-size big books that are the perfect size for small group instruction and partner reading (15” x 11¾”). Bigger than student books, but smaller than some big books, two students can read together more easily with a lap book.

The set includes 16 lap books, 8 in Spanish and 8 corresponding books in English. 8-16 pages each. English Guided Reading Levels: C-J; Spanish Guided Reading Levels: D-K.

Titles include:
• Back to the Sea / De regreso al mar
• In All Directions / En cualquier dirección
• Let’s Look For Birds / Observemos las aves
• Listen To This / Escuchen esto
• Patterns In Nature / Patrones de la naturaleza
• Put It Together / Juntemos las partes
• What Is Hot? What Is Not? / ¿Frío o caliente?
• What Is Science? / Qué es la ciencia?