Learning Palette Reading Center 1st Grade Kit

Learning Palette Reading Center 1st Grade Kit


SKU: LP-R109

This hands-on reading kit helps students develop the skills essential for successful reading, including phonics, language skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. It combines the hands-on fun of the Learning Palette with proven curriculum written to help students read at grade level and above. This self-correcting kit was designed for reading centers, giving students the opportunity to work independently of the teacher. The Learning Palette system allows students to work independently and at their own pace. Place a curriculum card over the Learning Palette base, and answer a series of questions by placing the color-coded disks in the correct spot. Turn the card over to check answers!

This grade-specific reading center kit comes with 2 Learning Palette Bases and 4 sets of curriculum. The curriculum pack comes with 12 cards and 12 challenges on each card, for 144 challenges in each set. Kit includes: Blends and Digraphs, Reading Comprehension, Nouns - Verbs - Adjectives, and Vocabulary.

Common Core standards covered: