Leveled Texts for Social Studies: 20th Century

Leveled Texts for Social Studies: 20th Century

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SKU: SEP-50084

Grades: 4-12

Engage and inspire students to read and comprehend a variety of social studies materials focused on 20th-Century History! Students will explore 15 different social studies texts with topics such as the Industrial Revolution, World Wars I and II, Immigration, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Middle East. Leveled Texts for Social Studies: The 20th Century is an award-winning resource designed to help all students comprehend important historical figures and events through high-interest social studies material written at four different reading levels. Each text is presented in a two-page format and includes primary sources and comprehension questions written at each reading level. Give all students access to the curriculum and build content-area literacy with these seamlessly differentiated texts.

Reproducible, 144 pages.