Leveled Texts for Social Studies Complete Set

Leveled Texts for Social Studies Complete Set



Grades: 1 - 12

Texts in these books are written at four different reading levels to give every learner access to the content. Each text is two pages and includes matching pictures so each selection appears the same to students. Comprehension questions about the texts are provided, also on varying levels, so that every student can be successful. Choose from 15 different topics in each book to fully engage and motivate your students. Each text topic is provided at the following reading levels: below grade level, on grade level, above grade level, and an English language learner level. The Teacher Resource CD includes Microsoft Word versions of the texts so teachers can further adapt, as necessary, for their population of students. Printed pages are in black and white; full-color versions of the texts and digital copies of all the images are included on the Teacher Resource CD.

Set of 6 reproducible books, 144-152 pages each.