Life Cycles of Animal Kingdom Set

Life Cycles of Animal Kingdom Set

National School Products


Grades: 3 - 6

This amazing series takes students through the fascinating process of life! Students will discover the characteristics of a variety of animals, including Frogs, Snakes, Sharks, Sea Turtles, Birds, Beavers, Lions, Wolves, Whales, Koalas, Bats, Polar Bears, Honeybees, Mosquitoes, Crayfish, Ants, Spiders, Butterflies, Earthworms, and Seahorses! Features full-color photographs and illustrations, glossary, and index. Accelerated Reader® titles. Paperback, 32 pages each.

Common Core standards covered:
RI, RF, L.2-6.4-6

Set of 20 paperback books, 32 pages each.