Math Literature Book Set in Spanish

Math Literature Book Set in Spanish

National School Products

SKU: NSP-5371

Please note: This is now a set of 6 books. Domino Addition is no longer available, and Cuenta con el béisbol (The Baseball Counting Book) has been replaced by Mas y menos (More and Less). Only the titles listed below are included in the set.

This fun set shows students that math can be a blast! Students will be immersed in a variety of enjoyable books as they build reading and basic math skills. Titles may vary.

Titles include:
• Mas y menos (More and Less)
• ¡Salta, ranita, salta! (Jump, Frog, Jump!)
• La mariquita malhumorada (The Grouchy Ladybug)
• Un, dos, tres, el año se fue (Math for All Seasons)
• Se venden gorras (Caps for Sale)
• Alexander, que era rico el domingo pasado
(Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday)