Math on the Job Set of 6 (LB)

Math on the Job Set of 6 (LB)

National School Products

SKU: CBT-0237

Reading Level: 4 Interest Level: 3 - 6

Math on the Job reveals how math is an integral part of some very high interest careers. Each title features three careers in a particular field. Compelling stories lead to problems that can only be solved by the student using math. Each story makes connections to mathematical concepts, procedures, and decisions that a worker in that career might typically come across. A toolbox section shows students how to become problem solvers. It takes students through completed examples of concepts and procedures, explaining them clearly with the aid of infographics. Students are given exercises to do themselves, which helps give them an understanding of how they can solve the problem in the story. Titles include: Building a Business, Caring for Marine Animals, Keeping People Healthy, Serving Your Community, Working in Construction, and Working in Sports.

Guided reading levels: Q-S. Lexile levels: 920L-1060L.

Set of 6 Library Bound Books, 32 pages each.