Math Station Activities for Common Core High School Set/3

Math Station Activities for Common Core High School Set/3

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Research indicates that students make sense of mathematical problems best when they work in small groups, with hands-on experiences that echo real-world situations. This series of books helps students learn to apply concepts, employ problem-solving strategies, communicate with one another, and reason through to the answers together.

Each title includes multiple sets of activities, each with 4 separate stations. Stations are 10-15 minutes each, followed by a debrief discussion. Includes teacher support with discussion guides, answer keys, and material lists. Reproducible, 240-354 pages each. ©2011

Common Core standards covered:

Algebra I - HSN-Q.1; HSN-VM.7-8; HAS-SSE.2-3; HAS-CED.1-4; HAS-REI.3-6,10,12; HAS-APR.1; HSF-IF.1,2,7; HSF-BF.1; HSS-ID.1-3,6-7; HSS-CP.1-3

Algebra II - HSN-CN.1-3,7,9; HAS-SSE.2-3; HAS-APR.2-3; HAS-REI.4; HAS-CED.2-3; HSF-IF.2-5,7-8; HSF.BF.2-5; HSF-LE.2; HSG-GPE.1-3; HSS-ID.2,4,6,9

Geometry - HSG-CO.2-13; HSG-SRT.1,2,4-8; HSG-C.2-5; HSG-GPE.1,4-5,7