Mathematics Readers: Geometry Spanish Set

Mathematics Readers: Geometry Spanish Set

National School Products

SKU: SHL-16120

Grades: 1-3

Supports NCTM Mathematics strand.

Grab students attention and teach mathematical concepts with these fun readers. Each reader features high-interest nonfiction text, problem-solving activities, supporting graphics, highlighted content-area vocabulary, sidebars, photographs, graphs, glossary, and index. Titles include: En busca de las figuras (2-D Shapes); Viajemos en avión (2-D Shapes); Viajemos en tren (2-D Shapes); Formemos figuras (2-D Shapes); Construyamos un patio de juegos (3-D Shapes); and El fuerte (3-D Shapes). Paperback, 32 pages each. Set of 6 books.