Meth-a-Morphosis Poster Laminated

Meth-a-Morphosis Poster Laminated

National School Products

SKU: NSP-6104P

This poster leaves no doubt about the dangers of methamphetamine.

Grades: 6 - 12

In a recent survey, almost half of high school seniors did not consider it a great risk to try meth once or twice. In actuality, meth is a highly addictive drug with devastating consequences. Users can become hooked after just one use. This before and after poster presents images collected by a sheriff’s deputy in Oregon after he witnessed firsthand the appalling damage that meth does to the body and mind of users. These pictures are not Hollywood makeup—they are REAL! Clearly demonstrating how meth negatively affects a person’s appearance, these shocking images will register the message with all viewers—IT IS NOT OKAY to experiment with meth.

Laminated, 18” x 24” Poster.