Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Book & CD (Spanish)

Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters Book & CD (Spanish)

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Las bellas hijas de Mufaro

Mufaro was a happy man. Everyone agreed that his two daughters were very beautiful. Nyasha was kind and considerate as well as beautiful, but everyone??except Mufaro??knew that Manyara was selfish, bad-tempered, and spoiled. When the king decided to take a wife and invited ""The Most Worthy and Beautiful Daughters in the Land"" to appear before him, Mufaro declared proudly that only the king could choose between Nyasha and Manyara. Manyara, of course, didn't agree, and set out to make certain that she would be chosen. John Steptoe has created a memorable modern fable of pride going before a fall, in keeping with the moral of the folktale that was his inspiration. He has illustrated it with stunning paintings that glow with the beauty, warmth, and internal vision of the land and people of his ancestors. Accelerated Reader?? title. Spanish hardcover (32 pgs.) and audio CD.