My Community / Mi Comunidad Bilingual Book Set

My Community / Mi Comunidad Bilingual Book Set


SKU: R-7848

Grades: K-2

These nonfiction narratives are geared toward readers whose reading skills are blossoming along with their understanding of the communities they live in. Each book focuses on an institution that plays an integral role in the community it serves. Readers will learn where to go to borrow a book, mail a letter, or report a stolen bike. This accessible series is impeled with colorful pictures of kids, librarians, firefighters, doctors, and more. Each book has supporting back matter, including: an index, website, & photo glossary that introduces additional vocabulary words. Titles include: A Trip to the Firehouse / De visita en la estación de bomberos; A Trip to the Hospital / De visita en el hospital; A Trip to the Library / De visita en la biblioteca; A Trip to the Grocery Store / De visita en la tienda; A Trip to the Police Station / De visita en la estación de policía. Guided reading level: B.

Reinforced library binding, 24 pages each. Set of 6 books. ©2013