My World of Science # 2 (6 Books) Bilingual (English/Spanish)

My World of Science # 2 (6 Books) Bilingual (English/Spanish)

National School Products

SKU: R-7569X

Grades: 3-7

This series introduces emerging bilingual readers to simple machines in a clear and accessible manner. Each book features a picture glossary, a simple index, and list of resources to explore the topic in more detail. Simple vocabulary, colorful photo illustrations and real-life examples are sure to engage curious young minds. Includes: Gears in My World / Engranajes en mi mundo, Inclined Planes in My World / Planos inclinados en mi mundo, Pull it, Push It / Dale un tiron, dale un emupjon, Pulleys in My World / Poleas en mi mundo, Wedges in My World / Cu?ñas en mi mundo, and Wheels and Axles in My world / Ejes y ruedas en mi mundo.

Library bound, 24 pages each. (Partial set shown.)