Nonfiction Library Gr. 3-4

Nonfiction Library Gr. 3-4

National School Products


Grade: 3-4

This enriching, classroom-sized library contains a well-balanced selection of nonfiction books. Through this set, readers will develop their ability to understand and interpret content-specific materials in social studies and science. Skills include previewing and reviewing print and non-print text, activating prior knowledge, acquiring new vocabulary, organizing information, and understanding visual representations. Paperback.  Set of 25 Books

Titles include:

  • Bubblemania
  • George Washington: Young Leader
  • Health & Medicine Projects
  • I Can Read About Earthquakes
  • Leaders of the People
  • Liberty for All: The President
  • Liberty for All: State & Local Government
  • Mexico and Central America
  • Seabirds
  • Special and Strange: Unusual Plants
  • Polar Regions' Most Amazing Animals
  • Who Was Ben Franklin?
  • Wonders of Plants & Flowers
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Millions of Insects
  • We're From Pakistan
  • and many more!

*Due to the availability of titles from the publisher, set contents may vary.