Octopus Is Amazing Stage 2 Paperback Book

Octopus Is Amazing Stage 2 Paperback Book


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Where can you find 1,920 suction cups?

Under the ocean, on a common octopus! That??s 240 suction cups on each of its eight arms. And if an octopus loses an arm, it will eventually grow a new one. Amazing! Read and find out about the many other ways an octopus is amazing, intelligent, & fascinating!

Satisfy students?? curiosity about how the world works. Descriptive illustrations are paired with a simple, informative text that??s just right for beginning readers, with interesting facts and concepts. Most books also include a hands-on activity.

Stage 2 books explore more challenging concepts for children in the primary grades and include hands-on activities that children can do themselves. Accelerated Reader?? title.