Phonemic Awareness Songs Set of 3

Phonemic Awareness Songs Set of 3

National School Products

SKU: CTP-2339

Grades: K-2

This best-selling series just got better! Each book in this three-book series includes a CD full of dozens of interactive, theme-related songs and rhymes that help children listen to language and play with sounds. Each song, sung to a familiar tune, is complemented by activity ideas, making it easy to add some phonemic-awareness fun to your lesson plans. Silly, playful songs paired with research-based phonemic-awareness activities -- a winning combination for any reading-development program. Includes all 3 Phonemic Awareness Songs and Rhymes books: Fall, Winter, and Spring. 96 pages each

. Common Core standards covered:
RF.K.2a-2c, RF.1.2b-2d