Picture the Past: Ancient History Book Set

Picture the Past: Ancient History Book Set

National School Products


Grade: 2-4

View important political and geographical events through the lens of everyday life by visiting various communities from our past. Find out what it was like to shop for a medieval castle, and much, much more.

Each book is filled with photos and reconstruction artwork covering topics such as food, clothing, shelter, education, play, communication, trade, and family life. Accelerated Reader® titles.
Titles include:

  • Life Along the River Nile
  • Life in a Roman Town
  • Life in a Roman Village
  • Life in a Roman Fort,
  • Life in an Egyptian Town,
  • Life in an Egyptian Worker’s Village,
  • Life on a Viking Ship,
  • Life in a Greek Temple,
  • Life in a Greek Trading Port,
  • Life in a Medieval Castle,
  • Life in a Viking Town.

Set of 11 mixed library binding and paperback, 32 pages each.