Place Value Power Pen Learning Cards

Place Value Power Pen Learning Cards


SKU: TCR-6464

Grade: 2-4

Engage students in active learning with Power Pen! Use the Power Pen Math Learning Cards to build skills and reinforce learning. With the easy-to-use Power Pen and Power Pen Learning Cards students simply select an answer and receive immediate feedback with an audio and visual response. The Power Pen sends positive responses to correct answers and encouraging redirection for wrong answers, keeping students motivated and on track. You can set 3 volume levels and the top lights up either red or green.

Students will practice and reinforce important math skills. The set includes 53 (5½” x 3½”) double-sided practice cards with 106 problems as well as instructions and answer key cards! Includes:
• order and compare numbers with greater-than and less-than symbols
• use base-ten blocks and number lines
• recognize expanded notation and match with numbers in standard form
• and much more!

Power Pen sold separately, TCR-6434.