Polyphonics Tiles & CD-ROM Site License

Polyphonics Tiles & CD-ROM Site License

National School Products

SKU: SI-402000

Polyphonics is a new phonics kit that helps children understand the way sounds are built into words. It is easy to use and understand. The letter tiles are easy to pick up and simple to put together. Consonants are colored blue and vowels are clearly differentiated in red. Blends are spaced on extra long tiles to help children understand accurate spacing between letters. Each set of tiles is accompanied by a full set of work cards and teacher’s notes as well as an interactive CD-ROM which replicates the shapes the children have in their hands. The CD-ROM is universal and will work with all interactive white boards. Includes 107 tiles, work cards, teacher’s guide, & interactive CD-ROM.

Common Core standards covered:
RF.K.2c-2e, RF.K.3b, RF.1.3a-3b, RF.2.3b