Practical Practice Math Folders

Practical Practice Math Folders

National School Products

SKU: REM-1096A

Grade: 3-6

  • 144 Binder-Ready Activity Pages
  • 42 Math Skills
  • 4 Folders in 5 Everyday Math Categories

When it comes to getting students’ attention, and keeping it, making your lesson as relatable as possible is key. Students will find compelling reasons to master the math skills with these everyday life experiences.

This real-life program features sturdy, glossy folders that are divided into 5 everyday math categories. Each category includes 4 unique folders. With the help of realistic information and photos, each folder tells a math “story.” Facts from the folders are used to complete comprehension questions that familiarize students with the folders and word problems that progress in difficulty throughout each category. When students have successfully completed this program, they’ll be able to confidently order from a menu, figure the total of a bill (including tip and tax), plan a household budget or a trip, and much more!