Predator Attack! Bilingual Extreme Reader Level 3

Predator Attack! Bilingual Extreme Reader Level 3


SKU: SSP-38112

Grades: K-3

The Predator Attack!/ ¡El predador ataca!

English-Spanish Extreme Reader introduces amazing facts about some of the most fascinating, and fierce, predators on earth including, alligator, bald eagle, barracuda, polar bear, komodo dragon, gray wolf, Tasmanian devil, spitting cobra, cheetah, great white shark, brown bear, badger, osprey, and Bengal tiger. Perfect for fluent Spanish speakers hoping to learn English or for English speakers hoping to learn Spanish, each spread presents the English text and Spanish text side by side for ease of reading. This unique level 3 nonfiction reader for grades 1 and 2 learners will help them explore reading on their own. Dramatic photographs, graphic illustrations, and an amazing “Extreme Facts” list will keep them turning the page. The fact-based approach also makes this book a valuable resource.  Language: Spanish & English

Paperback, 32 pages.