Pumpkin Collection (Library)

Pumpkin Collection (Library)

National School Products

SKU: NSP-5231A

Grades: K - 3

Set of 9 paperbacks all take a different look at pumpkins! From fun fictional tales to Gail Gibbons’ informative book all about growing pumpkins to carving jack-o-lanterns, students will learn all they ever wanted to know about this great orange fruit. (Yes, pumpkins really are a fruit!)

  • Tiny Tilda's Pumpkin Pie
  • Pumpkin Pumpkin
  • The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
  • Pumpkin Circle
  • Tinniest Pumpkin!
  • Our Pumpkin
  • The Pumpkin Book
  • Pumpkin Moonshine
  • Pumpkins

Common Core standards covered: RL, RF