Raintree Fusion: Physical Science Library Bound Book

Raintree Fusion: Physical Science Library Bound Book

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These books take an exciting new approach to science curriculum topics. Raintree Fusion is high-interest nonfiction aligned with curriculum, at a grade 2 reading level, making it accessible to struggling readers. It uses engaging photographs and illustrations. Background knowledge of subject matter is also incorporated into the text. All vocabulary is defined at point of use. Each title has a clean, clear design that supports readability along with clear, predictable text structures. Reinforced library binding, 32 pages each.

Titles include:

• 10 Experiments Your Teacher Never Told You About: Gravity

• Voyage of a Light Beam: Light Energy

• What’s the Attraction?: Magnetism

• Roller Coaster!: Motion and Acceleration

• Forensic Investigator: Measurement

• Potato Clocks & Solar Cars: Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

• Search and Rescue: Heat and Energy Transfer

• State of Confusion: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.R.1-10; CCRA.L.4-6