Raintree Fusion Science Set + Rack

Raintree Fusion Science Set + Rack

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Grade:  4-7

From insect wars to storm trackers, these books take an exciting new approach to science curriculum topics. Raintree Fusion is high-interest nonfiction aligned with curriculum, at a grade 2 reading level, making it accessible to struggling readers. It uses engaging photographs and illustrations. Background knowledge of subject matter is also incorporated into the text. All vocabulary is defined at point of use. Each title has a clean, clear design that supports readability along with clear, predictable text structures. Reinforced library binding, 32 pages each.

The spinner rack holds books up to 8?« in. x 11?« in. It is perfect for most hardcovers as well as teacher resource books. The number of books per pocket will vary depending on the size of the books. Easy assembly.

Titles include:

Physical Science

10 Experiments Your Teacher Never Told You About: Gravity

Voyage of a Light Beam: Light Energy

Whats the Attraction: Magnetism

Roller Coaster!: Motion and Acceleration

Forensic Investigator: Measurement

?? Potato Clocks and Solar Cars: Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy

?? Search and Rescue: Heat and Energy Transfer

?? State of Confusion: Solids, Liquids, and Gases

Earth Science

?? The Disappearing Mountain and Other Earth Mysteries: Erosion and Weathering

?? The Life and Times of a Drop of Water: The Water Cycle

?? Earthquakes and Volcanoes: A Survival Guide

?? The Day the Earth Stood Still: Earth??s Movement in Space

?? Alien Neighbors?: The Solar System

?? The Moon Exposed: The Moon

?? Storm Tracker: Measuring and Forecasting Weather

?? To the Core??: Earth??s Structure

Life Science

?? Rotters!: Decomposition

?? Shark Snacks: Food Chains and Webs

?? Has a Cow Saved Your Life?: Scientific Enquiry

?? Body Warriors: The Immune System

?? Skin Deep: Functions of Skin

?? Who??s in Control?: Brain and Nervous System

?? Animal Secrets: Animal Life Processes

?? You Scratch My Back??: Symbiosis

Common Core standards covered:
CCRA.R.1-10; CCRA.L.4-6