Real Kids! Real Places! Library Bound Book

Real Kids! Real Places! Library Bound Book

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These mysteries are written to appeal to all readers??avid or reluctant. Fun and educational, they are full of facts about real places in the U.S. As kids try to solve these captivating mysteries, they learn interesting information about landmarks and historical sites from coast to coast--from Alaska's Iditarod Trail to New York City! Each mystery includes SAT Words to Know, educational facts, humor, a glossary, discussion questions for reading response or literature circles, and extension activities.

Titles include:
?? The Mystery on the Underground Railroad
?? The Ghost of the Grand Canyon
?? The Mystery at Jamestown
?? The Ghost of the Golden Gate Bridge
?? The White House Christmas Mystery
?? The Mystery in New York City
?? The Colonial Caper Mystery at Williamsburg
?? The Mystery at Fort Sumter
?? The Mystery of the Alamo Ghost
?? The Mystery on Alaska's Iditarod Trail