Remarkable Individuals Library Bound Book

Remarkable Individuals Library Bound Book

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Please Note:Sacajawea is no longer available and has been replace by Martin Luther King Junior.

These illustrated biographies offer a succinct, easy-to-read portrait of notable figures from both American and world history. Perfect for reports and introducing students to content-area texts.

Titles include:

  •  Abraham Lincoln
  •  Amelia Earhart
  •  Babe Ruth
  •  Black Hawk
  •  Cabeza de Vaca
  •  Daniel Boone
  •  Davy Crockett
  •  Gandhi: Peaceful Warrior
  •  George Washington
  •  James Monroe
  • Jefferson Davis
  •  Louisa May Alcott
  •  Muhammad Ali
  • ?? Narcissa Whitman
  •  Pocahontas
  •  Robert E. Lee
  •  Martin Luther King Jr.
  •  Sitting Bull
  •  Tecumseh
  • ?? Teddy Roosevelt
  • ?? Thomas Jefferson
  • Tiger Woods