Force & Motion: Simple Machines

Force & Motion: Simple Machines

National School Products

SKU: CC-4510

Grades: 5 - 8, Reading Level 3 - 4
Students will gain a clear understanding of how movement works. Explore the
different kinds of forces that work on contact & at a distance. Find out how linear,
accelerating, rotating and oscillating motion relates to everyday life. Learn
how we use simple machines every day, & how they work together to create
compound machines.

Reproducible print books include: Teacher’s Guide,
Assessment Rubric, Vocabulary Lists, Student Hand-outs, Reading Passages,
Comprehension Quiz, & more. Covers: Levers, Inclined Planes, Wedges,
Screws, Pulleys, & Wheels and Axles.

(CC-7555-CD - Interactive Digital Lessons include 80 screen pages each and operate on PC/MAC, standard & interactive projectors, touchscreen displays, any brand of Whiteboards.)