Social Studies Common Core Lessons & Activities Set 3

Social Studies Common Core Lessons & Activities Set 3

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Grades: 3-8

Use these reproducible lessons and activities to supplement the resources you already have. These ready-to-use lessons meet existing standards, and integrate new analysis, inference, text-dependent questions, and rigor into daily instruction so that they meet the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy and Writing in History. Each book includes lessons and activities for: Reading for Information, Higher-Order Thinking,  Writing Prompts, • Primary Source Analysis, • Vocabulary, • Graphic Organizers, • Map Activities

Titles include: The American Revolution, Explorers, The Olympics, Underground Railroad, Forms of Government, Ancient Egypt, Native Americans, The Civil War, Inventors & Inventions, Map Skills, Westward Expansion, Communities, Ancient Greece, Bill of Rights, Branches of Government, Civil Rights Movement, Declaration of Independence, Jamestown, Key Events of World War II, Road to the Civil War, Basic Economic Concepts, Indian Removal and the Trail of Tears, U.S. Constitution, Women's Suffrage.

Common Core standards covered:
RI.3-8.1-10; W.3-8.1-10; SL.3-8.1-2,4-6; L.3-8.4-6; RH.6-8.1-10; WHST.6-8.1-10

Set of 24 reproducible books, 24 pages each. ©2013