Social Studies Connects Library Level 2 Book Set

Social Studies Connects Library Level 2 Book Set

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Making history, geography, economics, civics, & ethics come alive! Social Studies Connects® combines likeable characters, engaging plots, mysteries, and important issues that today’s kids can relate to. Each Story: • shows kids that social studies concepts they learn in school relate to their everyday lives • supports and reinforces social studies vocabulary • can be enjoyed by independent readers and read aloud to younger students. Each Book: • tells a fun story • focuses on social studies concepts linked to students’ interests • emphasizes civic/cultural values and their importance in real life • Supports national social studies standards • contains an activity to stimulate the reader’s natural curiosity! These stories cover important issues and social studies concepts that relate to kids’ everyday lives. They also support and reinforce social studies standards and vocabulary in the areas of economics, culture, civics, geography, and history. Each 32-page paperback includes an activity.

Common Core standards covered: