Space Exploration Spanish Paperback Book Set

Space Exploration Spanish Paperback Book Set

National School Products

SKU: SHL-16143

Grade: K-3

Your students should prepare for takeoff and discovery as they voyage from Earth to outer space. This 10-title set includes books that feature vivid images, motivating text, sidebars, and key vocabulary; some book include a lab activity and others feature engaging TIME FOR KIDS® content. Includes: Sun, Asteroids and Comets, Planets, Neil Armstrong, Stars, Earth, Moons, Our Earth, Outer Space, and The Solar System. Paperback, 28-32 pages per book. Spanish text.

Titles include:
• El sol (Sun)
• Los asteroides y los cometas (Asteroids and Comets)
• Los planetas (Planets)
• Neil Armstrong (Spanish Version)
• Las estrellas (Stars)
• La tierra (Earth)
• Las lunas (Moons)
• Nuestra Tierra (Our Earth)
• El espacio exterior (Outer Space)
• El sistema solar (The Solar System)