Space Interactive Whiteboard Lessons Set

Space Interactive Whiteboard Lessons Set

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SKU: CC-7560-CD

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Thrill young astronomers with a journey through our Solar System with our engaging and highly interactive digital lesson plans! Find out all about the planets, moon, stars, constellations, asteroids, meteors and comets. Explore the Milky Way Galaxy, black holes, gravity, sources of light, the speed of light, and much more. Using simplified language and vocabulary, concepts such as planetary orbits, the asteroid belt, the lunar cycle, and shooting stars are all explored.

240 ready-made screens for any brand of interactive whiteboard contain reading passages, before and after you read interactive activities, memory match game, crosswords, word searches, printables, supporting videos, and English and Spanish voice over and text. Test your students’ comprehension of the lesson with a Comprehension Quiz by using SMART Notebook™ software’s assessment tool, SMART Response™.

Win XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS X (v.10.1 & up)