STAAR Reading and Mathematics Grade 3 Teacher Edition

STAAR Reading and Mathematics Grade 3 Teacher Edition

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Grade: 3

The Test-Taking Strategies Chapter gives students specific test-taking strategies for STAAR. Practice Test Ones may serve as a pre-test, as guided teaching activities, or as homework assignments. Practice Test Two may serve as a post-test by simulating the STAAR testing environment.

A Skills Chart is provided as a reference for keywords that correlate directly to the TEKS.
This chart also offers, at a glance, the correct answer to the question and the Standard
the question is addressing.

• Covers all STAAR subjects tested per grade level • Includes two full-length practice tests per subject • Uses questions with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) statements on Test Blueprint • Test-Taking Strategies Chapter teaches test-taking skills • Test-Anxiety Chapter helps students reduce test anxiety • Contains multiple-choice questions and griddable items • Includes Glossary of Terms and Mathematics Reference Materials print