Staying Well

Staying Well


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In Staying Well, Slim Goodbody explains what happens to our bodies when germs invade. He describes the symptons of many common childhood diseases and explains how to deal with other conditions as well, such as asthma and diabetes.

Grades: 3 - 5

Using playful text and lively photographs, Slim Goodbody conveys important health and safety information to your students. The series discusses how to stay safe inside, outside, at school, and at play; how to avoid injuries and how injuries are treated; what our body needs to stay healthy, including exercise and healthful foods; and how to keep clean. Features: simple, lively text; pediatrician reviewed; correlates to curriculum standards (personal care, nutrition, safety, and disease control); encourages children to be responsible; labeled diagrams and charts. Accelerated Reader® titles, RL: 4.1-5.1.

Library bound, 32 pages.