STEM Game Kit

STEM Game Kit

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SKU: JB-A1245

This STEM game kit is great for discovering and applying the principles of physical science within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Education curriculum. Engage students with these group games that explore real-life applications as well as the characteristics and properties of: • motion • force • energy • work • simple machines • magnetism • electricity • thermal energy • and heat.

Three different interactive game formats will add excitement to your lessons while reinforcing difficult concepts and allowing students to think critically as they practice working as part of a team or independently. The games also make great activity lesson plans. ©2012

• A Look at Motion Forces & Energy Quiz Game
• Motion, Forces & Energy Bingo
• Electricity & Magnetism Bingo
• Electricity & Magnetism “I Have, Who Has” Challenge
• Work & Simple Machines “I Have, Who Has” Challenge