Steroid Abuse Win Now, Lose Later DVD

Steroid Abuse Win Now, Lose Later DVD

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Grades 6-12

Steroid abusers are often lured by the promises of athletic success and a 'beefed-up' body. As a result, young people who are looking for a short cut to the winner's circle or for an enhanced physical appearance may give in to the temptation to abuse steroids. In this eye-opening presentation, we will define and describe steroids, and then explore the reasons why people abuse these drugs. Associated health risks that accompany steroid abuse will also be explained.


1) Students will discover what steroids are and how steroids work.
2) Students will learn about steroid abuse and explore some of the reasons why young people experiment with these dangerous drugs.
3) Students will examine the health risks, both physical and emotional, associated with steroid use.
4) Students will learn about prevention and treatment of steroid abuse

28 min