Stories the Year 'Round English Book Set

Stories the Year 'Round English Book Set

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Please note: This is now a set of 8 books. Only the titles listed below are included in the set.

Encourage students to become lifelong readers with Alma Flor Ada’s classic stories! This series is composed of 9 books. The nine titles correspond to the months of the year. Simple fables and fun stories weave in information from across the content areas about topics such as animals, the water cycle, metamorphosis of a butterfly, how seeds become flowers, cooperation, generosity, family, money, diversity, holidays, and much more. Students develop vocabulary, reading comprehension, and literacy skills as they learn about math, science, and social studies concepts. Paperback, 16 pages each.

Titles include:
• Empty Pinata
• I Don’t Want to Melt
• Golden Cage
• What Are Ghosts Afraid Of?
• In the Cow’s Backyard
• Surprise for Mother Rabbit
• After the Storm
• It Wasn’t Me