Take It to Your Seat: Common Core Math Centers Grade K

Take It to Your Seat: Common Core Math Centers Grade K

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SKU: EMC-3070

Perfect for your kinesthetic kindergartners! Help young learners grasp key math skills, and provide differentiated math practice through the fun, hands-on activities in these 12 centers. Each full-color center focuses on a skill from a Common Core State Standards math domain, such as numbers and counting, data, operations, measurement, and geometry.

The easy-to-assemble centers are stored in pocket folders, making them easy to use at a table, desk, or quiet area in the classroom. Students can complete the activity independently, in pairs, or with the guidance of the teacher.

Each of the 12 centers includes: full-color center mats and task cards, an overview with lesson objectives, a student direction page, a written practice activity, and a center checklist to record each student’s progress.

The 12 centers cover the following kindergarten math skills:
Numbers and Counting
• Count and write numerals to 20
• Sequence numbers within 100
• Use one-to-one correspondence to count sets with up to 20 objects
• Compare sets of 1 to 10 objects to find one less and one more
• Compare numbers within 20 to identify greater than or less than
• Build a bar graph
• Add numbers with sums to 10
• Subtract numbers with differences less than 10
• Build fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 5
• Know the parts of a clock
• Use nonstandard measurement and comparative language
• Sort shapes by attributes

Common Core standards covered: