Tales From Around the World Book Set

Tales From Around the World Book Set

National School Products

SKU: NSP-5360

Grades: PreK-3

These are sets of 8 books. 

This library includes favorite multicultural tales from many different countries and cultures—Native American, Cuban, African, Italian, and Indian—as well as nonfiction titles that explore daily life for children in countries around the world. The set includes 1 hardcover and 7 paperback books. Titles may vary due to availability from the manufacturer.

Includes the following titles.
• Happy Day
• Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters
• Tikki Tikki Tembo
• Stone Soup
• Arrow to the Sun
• This Is the Way We Go to School
• Keeping Quilt
• Story of Ferdinand

English Book Set (1 Hdcvr, 7 Ppbk)

Spanish Book Set (all Ppbk)

Combined English / Spanish Book Set (16)